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Drum and Bugle Corps (classic)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, comes a commplete description of the types of drum corps like the Philadelphia Police Cadets. Includes history, bugles, drumlines, color guard, drum major and competition rules

Drum Corps Wiki
DrumCorpsWiki is an open-content encyclopedia of Drum Corps information. Currently, there are 1,025 pages in their database. Be sure to check out the Philadelphia Police Cadets (PAL) and Jim Bell articles.

Drum & Bugle Corps of North America
This web site provides a historic reference as to the existence of Junior, Senior/All Age and Alumni Drum Corps that have played before stadium audiences or marched down neighborhood streets in parades. There is a listing for Philadelphia PAL Cadets on line 45.

Preserve Our Corps Memories
The (POCM) is a group of dedicated drum corps people who are organized to preserve drum corps recordings and offer them as custom made historical CDs or mp3s for download. You can download a list of drum corps and there are a few PAL Cadets recordings listed.

St. Rocco's Cadets Drum Corps
Featured drum corps website list includes PAL Cadets (PA) from Philadelphia, PA., PAL/Windjammers and hundreds of other drum corps from the US and Canada. The author of this site is a very talented professional drummer, artist and was a member of the St. Rocco's Cadets and Blessed Sacrement Drum and Bugle Corps

Drum Corps Nation
A great source for drum & bugle corps memorablia with over 200 Drum Corps Links including the Philadelphia PAL Cadets Drum Corps

Drum Corps World
The Madison, WI-based tabloid newspaper is printed 18 times per year. Visit Drum Corps World to subscribe or for drum corps related items like historic compact discs, DVDs, history books on the activity. There are also many references to drum corps like Philadelphia Police Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps.

Reilly Raiders Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps
The Reilly Raiders VFW was one of our sponsors back in the day. Reilly was voted “ Corps of the '50's ” by The World Drum Corps Hall of Fame. Now they have an alumni drum corps and our alumni president, Anthony Arena is their treasurer. There are other former PAL Cadets marching with Reilly, make sure you check out their website.

Check out the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame who recently inducted Jim Bell to it's ranks.

Archer - Epler Musketeers Drum & Bugle Corps
Many former members of PAL march with the Archie Alumni Corps. They have a collection of interesting links that we thought you might enjoy including our very own Philadelphia Police Cadets (PAL)

Diceman's Internet Drum Corps Radio
Listen to old time drum corps recordings through the labors of the Diceman on Diceman Live365 Internet radio. He has dial-up and broadband versions of his radio show. This is great way to satisfy your drum corps cravings.

Drum Corps' Now Playing:

The Sunrisers Drum and Bugle Corps
Voted “ Corps of the '80's ” by The World Drum Corps Hall of Fame have a nice list of Junior Corps websites and they have added the PAL Cadets

Drum and Bugle Corps is a web blog with news about drum corps and a large archive of drum corps links including the Philadelphia Police Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps.

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