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PAL Cadets has a website!

We need everyone's help finding more ex-members of the Philadelphia Police Cadets (PAL) Drum & Bugle Corps

Up to now, August 10, 2006, we have close to 200 names and addresses and sent out flyers to them all! There are still many former PAL members not located.

Any members you can find, please have them get in touch with us and send us their address, telephone number and email address. the info.

Jim Bell has been invited to introduce Chris Ferguson...

at the Tacony PAL Center located at St. Bart's Gym, Aldine and Jackson Streets( in the Mayfair Section just above Cottman Ave and East of FrankfordAve.) at 4:00 P.M. on Wednesday November the 15th. Chris is going to speak to the PAL kids at that location. It is going to be covered by FOX News channel 29 or Comcast Channel 15. Any of our former members are encouraged to attend with him.

Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson

Christopher J. Ferguson (CAPTAIN, USN) NASA Astronaut and PAL alumni wanted to be at the reunion but couldn't because he is going up in space!

Pilot Chris Ferguson was scheduled to make his first journey into space as the pilot of the STS-115 Atlantis, shuttle mission on the 27th of August, the day after the reunion but lightning struck the shuttle and has postponed the launch.

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Frank Rizzo Jr. Radio Show

Jim Bell was interviewed on the Frank Rizzo Jr. Radio Show (WWDB 860 AM) on August 12th at 3:10 pm

He spoke about Chris Ferguson and the PAL reunion.

2006 DCI World Championships

Claire and Mike Lafferty attended the 2006 DCI World Championships Aug. 10-12.

While there they ran into Trevor Jones, PAL alumni and staff coordinator of the Teal Sound Drum Corps Jacksonville Florida.

DCI Division I Finals Results

  1. The Cavaliers 97.200
  2. Phantom Regiment 96.850
  3. Blue Devils 96.550
  4. Bluecoats 93.175
  5. The Cadets 93.075
  6. Santa Clara Vanguard 92.350
  7. Blue Knights 90.125
  8. Carolina Crown 89.975
  9. Madison Scouts 87.700
  10. Boston Crusaders 87.325
  11. Glassmen 86.000
  12. Spirit from JSU 84.825


The 2006 DCI World Championships Finals should be on ESPN2 September 5, 2006

PAL Website Updates

August 10, 2006 - Added a Cadet Memorial as tribute to those we have loved and lost.

April 17, 2006 - Added some forums. These are something like a guestbook. Visit the PAL Forum.

April 20, 2006 - Added more pictures in the gallery and history section is growing.

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