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This PAL Cadets Memorial Is Created In Loving Memory Of
Bob Carney

Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.

You will be missed Bob Carney.

If you would like to add your condolences or share some stories about Bob Carney please email them.

When I got back into Drum Corps last January... Bob Carney was one of the familiar faces from the past that I would run into at the shows and parades now and then. Bob was one of the nice guys that I remembered. Bob marched in Brookhaven Crusaders in the '60's, PAL in the '60's, Archer Epler in the early 1980's, and Reilly Raiders until his untimely death. I was at Reilly's Shamrock Festival last night and realized that Bob wasn't there... I missed his hello. I grew up hearing about how God looks down each day and picks the sweetest flowers to have around him... Bob will be missed by many. - Dolores "Dee Cobb" Phifer