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This PAL Cadets Memorial Is Created In Loving Memory Of
Barbara Ann (Warren) Campbell

Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.

You will be missed Barbara Ann.

If you would like to add your condolences or share some stories about Barbara Ann (Warren) Campbell please email them.

Many, many years ago I went looking for my old friend Barbara Ann Warren. We go back to the 4th grade in Henry H. Houston Elementary School in Mt Airy. We soon became friends as we walked home together. She lived on Mt Pleasant Ave and I lived on Chew Ave. I soon learned that she had since died and spent time chatting with her mother. Over the years of hanging out together I managed to convince her to join PAL with me. We had a blast. I remember how buy she was shy and how she had a secret crush on Elbert Wilson... nothing ever came of it. We were on flag together and we could often be found practicing our drills in the big open yard next door to me. When ever I go back home I pass her house heading over to my brother's place... I smile... remembering the past. This is one of the things that often comforted me growing up whenever I would hear of a friend or loved one dying... I often heard about how God looks down each day and picks the sweetest flowers to have around him... Barb will be missed by many. I still do. She was a great friend. - Dolores "Dee Cobb" Phifer